Friday, December 15, 2006

The Arts and Toronto:

Art runs in the Thomson family, more than once!

A Thomson Retrospective premieres works by Margaret & George Thomson, siblings of the renowned Canadian legend, Tom Thomson. The John A Libby Fine Art Gallery unveils collective works on Thursday, December 7, 2006 from 7:00 to 10:00pm.

TORONTO, Dec. 5 /CNW/ - For the first time works by Tom Thomson's
lesser-known siblings, George and Margaret will be on display and available
for sale at Libby's from Thursday December 9 through Saturday, December 23.
George Thomson LLB, O.S.A., 1868 - 1965 was the first of the ten Thomson
children. A lawyer, teacher and entrepreneur he began to paint seriously in
1906, while studying in New York at The Art Students League. His art works
were accepted at the National Academy of Design and the Art Institute of
Chicago. Upon his return to Canada, he began painting full time and made a
name for himself here. By 1964 his works were in the collections of the
National Gallery of Canada and the Art Gallery of Ontario. George never tried
to imitate his brother Tom as he thought himself more conventional and
believed artists should paint to their own temperament. The day before he
died, George was out sketching with his brother Fraser at Lion's Head and
Barrow Bay Ontario. He was 97 years old and the oldest practicing professional
artist in Canada.

Margaret Thomson Tweedale 1884 - 1979 was the ninth of the ten children
and also taught before pursuing painting. She spent much of her life in
Toronto near High Park. The shared pain of her brother Tom's death brought the
siblings closer together. In 1926 George, Frazer, and Margaret began taking
traditional spring and fall painting expeditions. Margaret created a small
body of charming landscapes during those years, and we are excited to reunite
her pictures with those of her brothers George and Frazer. Their more famous
sibling Tom would surely be proud!

"We are delighted to exhibit these works for Canadian Art collectors and
enthusiasts," says John A Libby, President "the Thomson family made a
significant contribution to the Canadian Art scene and it is a pleasure to
present these fine paintings." The exhibition continues until December 23,

About John A. Libby Fine Art Gallery

Libby's art gallery was established in 1978 at 463 King Street, Toronto.
The art business has developed over the years to encompass all aspects of art
collecting to service the growing needs of Libby's clientele. This called for
the forming of Libby's Print and Frame Gallery, Master's Studio of Fine
Restoration, and Trillium Press Limited Edition Prints. John A. Libby is
President of the Canadian Association of Personal Property Appraisers. For
more information, please visit our website at
Shows: Gallery shows are held eight months of the year including living
artists and shows specializing in historical art.

Publications: A series of collector booklets have been published by us,
and include: "George and Margaret Thomson," "Manly MacDonald," "Joachim
Gauthier," "Julius Griffith," "Fred S. Haines" These booklets are available
for sale at the gallery.

For further information: Maria Hazel, Gallery Director, (416) 364-3730


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